My name is Clara Fantoni, I trained as a Reiki practitioner after following a calling I experienced in a sound healing session in Thailand. I believe Reiki drew me in at the right time, the next day I serendipitously met my teacher and began my level 1 Reiki training in Thailand.

Reiki has brought me the peace and safety that helped me heal and manage my anxiety and PTSD, it has also brought me the feeling of being more connected and in tune with my body and instinct. Reiki is a type of magic that makes healing of all sorts possible and gives an insight into the interconnected nature of our existence on earth.

Reiki is humbling, faith inspiring and mind blowing. I can’t claim to fully understand the intricacies of how it works and how intelligent every energetic flow is in this universe but I know and respect the power of it and have seen the results. You don’t even need to believe in it for it to work, the energy is directed to wherever you need it to go.

I am also a visual artist, focusing on intuitive and automatic abstract expressionist painting. I spent 6 years travelling and living all over the world working for different non-profits, Montessori schools and artistic community based ventures. I have done art as therapy workshops with refugees in Greece and the UK, worked with marginalised women in Nepal using art for empowerment, I have facilitated art for reconciliation projects in Israel, taught english to children in Thailand and Spain and worked for a post-conflict research centre in Bosnia writing investigative articles. I have a degree in International Relations, an art therapy foundation, a Journalism diploma and I am now studying a Masters in Fine Art at Central St. Martins, London.