• 1 hour session: £55

  • 1 hour distance/remote healing session : £45

  • 90 mins sessions also available

    If you believe you are entitled to a concessionary rate please write to me and we can discuss it further, I want to make Reiki accessible and will also discuss donation based rates for people in certain circumstances.

    I have treatment rooms in the Camden area at the Women and Health Centre.

What to expect:

Have no expectations! Reiki reaches and registers differently in every individual, the energy is a form of universal energy and intelligence that knows exactly what you need and where to go. Reiki works with the electromagnetic energy fields of the body- the chakras, tanden points, meridian lines and the aura to clear blockages and stimulate healing.

Some people experience releases such as laughter, tears, muscle spasms, warmth, fuzziness, pins and needles and colours and sometimes the healing is internal and manifests itself in sensations of peace and security and deep relaxation which kickstarts healing for the nervous system.

Reiki is a gentle and holistic healing technique that heals on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level. It is now widely used in clinics, hospitals, centres for the healing of physical and mental health symptoms. I believe that we seek out Reiki when we consciously or unconsciously feel that we are in need of a little healing and self love.

Reiki originates from Japan where it was founded in the 1900's by Mikao Usui, a Buddhist scholar who had a revelation on Mount Kurama after 21 days of solitary mediation, he went on to use Reiki as a healing tool in the slums of Japan before opening his practice and taking in paying clients and students who wanted to train.

Before your session switch your phone off, drink lots of water before and after a session as Reiki kickstarts a detoxifying process in the body. There is no right or wrong way to act in your session, you must do what feels good to you, take some deep breaths and be mindful of the sensations in your body during the session.

After your session it is ok to resume your normal routine although it is encouraged that you take it easy (take a nice bath and have an early night if possible!) You many notice certain shifts within the days after your treatments and you can always contact me with any questions.